What’s in a Name?

I mentioned in an earlier blog post my desire to name my upcoming medicinal herb growing venture – but at the time all I could come up with was the rather uninspired Ariella’s Herbals. Since then I’ve been doing some thinking, some sketching, some brainstorming, and have come up with another name I like much more, and which seems to suit my fledgling business in a way that I like.

And so Wild Health Herbals has been born.

Some of the brainstorming process.
The final (for now), and still very hand done, copy of the logo.

Why Wild Health Herbals? Well, there are a few reasons. One is that the herbs I will be growing are health giving herbs, and will be used by Namasthé Tea Company in their delicious and medicinal tea blends.

Another reason is that many medicinal herbs tend to be either outright weeds in most contexts, or at least much less refined, and  closer to their wild relatives than many of our more common cultivated crops, with the tendency to revert back to their wild and weed-like state given half the chance. Just think about it – many people will be familiar with the tendency of plants in the mint family to take over a growing area if not actively kept in check – and I will be growing three plants in that family (spearmint, skullcap, and lemon balm). And gardeners or farmers who have grown calendula or borage – two more herbs I will be growing – will be quite familiar with those plants ability to to self seed and come up year after year with no further help from us humans.

And a final reason I like the name Wild Health Herbals is that it would work quite well if I decided, in the future, I might like to go the route of producing more value added medicinal products myself – such as tinctures, teas, or salves. Which is a definite possibility.

Not to mention – all those thoughtful, heady reasons aside – I simply like the way it sounds and rolls off the tongue.

And while Wild Health Herbals is still mostly an idea in my head right now, still very much in the planning stages with very little happening concretely in the world of soil and plants growing, it feels good to just go this one step further, and give it a serious name. Because names, and the intention they bring to things, have power.




4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Love the name and your drawings. Good luck! How long have you been growing herbs? What made you decide to make a business out of it?


    1. Thank you! I’ve been growing herbs on a garden scale for several years, and working on veggie farms for several years also. This will be my first year taking medicinal herbs up a notch. And the opportunity just presented itself, as well as my interest in medicinals growing, and so I decided to go for it.

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